AMCO Farms’® hand picked hydroponic
tomatoes are carefully hand picked from the vine.
AMCO Produce® offers hand packed
boxes for perfect packaging every time.
AMCO Express® provides dependable
and reliable distribution.
AMCO Storage® is sure to meet all our
customer’s ‘collective’ needs.
Biomass Facility
In order to stay viable and competitive in the market place, Amco has installed three (3) 30,000 BTU Biomass combustion units that will fulfill about 90%of its overall energy demand thus relieving its dependency on fossil fuels ...more  
Eat Safe
Handling food safely is important because it can help protect the end consumer against food poisoning, or food borne illness  ... more

About us

Upon the expansion of the facility in 1985, AMCO was prompted to revolutionize its structure to meet the increasing demand of its client base. As a result, four individual companies merged together into the AMCO Group of Companies®, under the leadership of Fausto Amicone. To this day, AMCO Group completely and efficiently specializes in all the different aspects of the greenhouse produce market.

Today, AMCO’s 60 acres of hydroponic produce production, packaging and delivery is still under a single ownership, creating a one-source distribution channel to meet the needs of its valued customers. With over 40 years of experience and an outstanding reputation in the industry, AMCO Group has created the optimal environment that guarantees the very finest in vine ripened tomatoes, customer service, and an unmatched record of post-sale customer satisfaction.  

We are - One Source. Your Partner in Fresh Produce.